Minho and Key @musiccore [VIDEOS]

Super Cute Minho and Onew @ Music Core 110521 MC Minho @ Music Core 110521 MC Onew and Minho – Ending @ Music Core 110521 source : forevershiningshinee.tumblr

MC Minho and Onew @ Music Core 110521

cr: ohatoms re-upload: justSHAWOL @ soompi via forevershiningshinee.tumblr

Performances from the May 14th episode of Music Core!

♬Hot Stage 4minute – “Heart to Heart” f(x) – “Pinocchio” After School – “Shampoo” SISTAR 19 – “Ma Boy” U-KISS – “Love Girl” ♬Emotional Voice Stage U-KISS – “Can U Smile” U-KISS – “0330” Eru – “Countrified and Immature” ♬Who’s That Girl? Rainbow – “To Me” Dal Shabet – “Pink Rocket” Rania – “Dr. Feel … Baca lebih lanjut

Big Bang Goodbye Stage on Music Core [VIDEO]

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7USf8xOoSiI&feature=player_embedded= Credits: CrazyCarrot270 @ YT via bigbangupdates

T.O.P waving to fans after Music Core (110423) [VIDEO/PHOTOS]

Credits: As tagged via @kwonliyan / 903677432source:bigbangupdates

Big Bang “Love Song” & “Stupid Liar” on Music Core (110416) [VIDEOS]

Credits: CrazyCarrot270 Source:bigbangupdates

‘Tonight’ on Music Core (110326) [VIDEOS]

Source: shu101224@YT Credit:bigbangupdates

Big Bang ‘Tonight’ on Music Core (110319) [VIDEOS]

Source: CrazyCarrot270@YT Credit:bigbangupdates

Big Bang Comeback Stage on Music Core (120311) [VIDEO]

Source: shu101224@YT credit:bigbangupdates

110129 Music Core performances!

Check out some cool performances from today’s Music Core here! source : dkpopnews

GD&TOP “High High” on Music Core (110108) [VIDEO]

Source: codeanalysisseason3,via bigbangupdates