2011/1/26 released!
 The second single “TRUE LOVE” to be released! !

  • 初回生産限定盤A[A] Limited Edition
  • 初回生産限定盤B[B] Limited Edition
  • 通常盤[Limited Edition]


1.TRUE LOVE 2.MO ☆ TO (LaLa TV “Triple” Cheering Song) 3.TRUE LOVE instrumental 4.MO ☆ TO instrumental
※ 3,4 – track the Limited Edition A] (FLCF-4360) and [B] Limited Edition (FLCF-4361) included only


1.TRUE LOVE Music Video 2.TRUE LOVE Making

[A] Limited Edition CD + DVD
FLCF-4360 ¥ 1,600 (tax included)
· TICKET [A] filled

[B] Limited Edition CD + Calendar
FLCF-4361 ¥ 1,400 (tax included)
· TICKET [B] inclusion

[Limited Edition] CD
FLCF-7179 ¥ 1,000 (tax included)
– Trading Cards sealed
(First Press Limited Edition only inclusion ※: One of the random inclusion of 6)

◆ TICKET ◆ inclusion

Invite you to the following events occurs after the live free!

The inclusion ● TICKET [A] · TICKET [B] · TICKET [C] to align all three pieces,
A prize “instant camera photo session” and “Meeting” handshake invites!

The inclusion ● TICKET [A] · TICKET [B] · TICKET [C] In either one,
B Award “Meeting” handshake invites!

SM ☆ SH 2nd Single “TRUE LOVE” live free launch

– 2011/1/28 (Fri), Nagoya

– 2011/1/29 (Sat) Osaka

– 2011/1/30 (Sun) Tokyo
※ The official site details I will inform you step by HP.

Previous single ◆ “Lunatic” ◆ lottery application integration

Debut single “Lunatic” is enclosed entry form for each individual form of [a · b · c] (3) to
This single “TRUE LOVE” only with a postcard enclosed in each form (1) pasted on the application.
Invitation to special events in the lottery!

credit by smashjapan

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