{INFO} United ELF Fansite and Pay-Us-Back GDA Operation

Following the recently aired 25th Golden Disk Awards 2010, korean ELF came up with a thorough statement covering the matter concerning the results from all possible sources. This statement was made not to trigger more controversies but to serve as an informational piece for E.L.F. in general. Please only read this with an open mind and note that this is not supposed to be used as a source for a fanwar in any way.

TwELFs and SPL are working together with k-ELF to spread this around as much as possible. We will need your help to spread this all over the world ASAP. So please do publish them anywhere. Don’t forget to put the picture on top of the text. Picture first, then text. Thank you.

Statement from United E.L.F. Fansite (U.E.F.)

Hello, we are from United E.L.F Fansite.

As you all know, we believe that there are problems about injustice that also relates not only to fairness but money.
I know that there are rumors going on that Kelfs are going to sue Golden Disk, but it is not 100% true.
We are contacting a lawyer about law suit and getting our money back, but we are not sure that we will actually have a law suit, but more likely to send a petition to the consumer center.

This is a translation of a writing that someone posted on korean website about GDA’s unfairness.

Please spread this post around so others can know the unfairness.

Also, we also state that we have no offense at all toward Girl’s Generation (SNSD). The purpose of this writing is to just show the world that Super Junior had this much success this year, but it just didn’t show in Golden Disk Award.


This is the address of United E.L.F. Fansite.
We are currently working on translation for all the notices on the website, and have separate ways to contact with overseas E.L.F., so even if you can’t speak Korean, please join the website under the name of Super Junior.

We also have a twitter account.
You can follow us @sjwithelf1210

Please remember that we are still working on decorating and organizing the website, and we will allow people to write and communicate inside the website as soon as possible.

The website will be open in a day or two, probably tomorrow night.

If you have any questions, you can send a email to sjwithelf@gmail.com or give us a tweet!

Thank you.

SOURCE: U.E.F. | distributed by TwELFs.com
SOURCE: U.E.F. | distributed by TwELFs.com



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