#SolarConcert Updates [NEWS/PHOTOS]

– Here’s a photo from the concert:

– G-Dragon at the concert wearing sunglasses, red scarf and a black beanie. Other celebrities also spotted like Yoo In Na (YG Family)~
– Set List:
Opening Video
Taeyang appears
1) Prayer (in a white vest)
2) I’ll Be There
3) Sinner

Talk 1

4) Just A Feeling (wears a jacket)
5) Superstar (? not sure on this)
6) My Girl

They show another video
7) You’re My (Correction, it’s not Take It Slow^^)
Talk 2
8) I Need A Girl (asked a women to go on stage)
9) After You Fall Asleep
10) Connection
Short talk
11) Pop song.. then IU appeared. Pop Duet with IU (Sorry, song title wasn’t mentioned)
Short talk with IU
Guest stage: IU
12) Baby, I’m So Sorry
13) Wedding Dress
14) Superstar (not also sure on this because it was already mentioned at #5)
15) Break It Down
16) Pop song (title not mentioned)
Talk 3
17) Look Only At Me (Namanbarabwa)
Fans shouting for encore
18) Where U At (Black caps and Taeyang hoodies)
19) Take It Slow
Thank Yous
Dancers join hands and say thanks

– Congratulatory flowers from fans:

Sources: Bestiz, DCYB, Twitter, suzylovesroxy, G.Dore, happyrichlife,bigbangupdates

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